18 Jan The natural sourdough

The natural sourdough A huge favourite with creative craft bakers, sourdough may often appear complicated when making home-made bread. And yet, the principle of sourdough is a simple one and making sourdough-based bread is a fascinating exercise. A brief history of sourdough Sourdough has been used around the...

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07 Jan The croissant has also its own language

“The croissant in words” : A new book dedicated to the sensory universe of the croissant and flaky leavened dough products The technical specificity of the croissant makes it an extremely rich product, organoleptically speaking. For this reason, Lesaffre, in collaboration with Hubert Chiron of the...

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04 Jan Improving and maintaining softness in bakery goods

Softness is the result of several properties (suppleness, tenderness, elasticity, etc.), which in various combinations give rise to different types of softness: the supple, elastic crumb of a baguette, the tender, melt-in-the-mouth crumb of a sandwich loaf, etc.).To focus on the softness of a bakery...

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