Yeast Products

What is Yeast?

Yeast is an ovoid or spherical unicellular microscopic fungus. The particularity of yeast is that it is a living organismLike those found in humans, yeast cells are living and natural. They need air to multiply, the absence of air has consequences on their development.
Of course is the temperature also very important for it`s survival and function.

Below is more information of our assortment.


Fresh Yeast

Lesaffre has long experience and know-how of fresh yeast, which has many benefits: it´s very easy handling, possible to add directly at mixing and wide range of applications.


Dry Yeast

Lesaffre have a widh range of different dried yeast for all kind of requirement and basis to give best performance in all unique appplications.


Liquid Yeast

Lesaffre can also offer yeast in liquid form to bakeries with higher consumption. Just to fit the best yeast solution to each different customer production process.