Technical Advise

Technical Advise

Lesaffre has unique technical skills that it has thoroughly mastered, and enjoys toplevel expertise in the production, fermentation and the transformation of yeast in all it´s forms.

Baking Center


Since 1974, the technicians and experts of the Baking Center ™ Lesaffre spread over the 5 continents have capitalized on their knowledge of countries, cultures, consumption patterns and the local market to feed your innovative projects. From baker to baker: a technical support catalyst of ideas!

Yeast R&D


Back in 1965, having understood the need to tune in more closely to baker’s requirements, Lesaffre developed a Research & Development (R&D) laboratory. Lesaffre R&D’s aims are to understand the biochemical processes taking place in bread production and thus select the microorganisms best suited to the recipes and processes found throughout the world.



Our long experience in baking processes with yeast and sourdough has taught us that in order to obtain the maximum guarantee of quality in a product. We implement specific technological solutions to each individual client production process.